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This is the best adventure game I have ever played on IOS. More like video games in 3DS. Perfect.

Really nice game!

I liked this game a lot and spent much time playing it but the aiming and controlling system is quite bad, boss hp is a bit too high while the characters is quite low... Otherwise really fun game with awesome story and graphics!

Loved this game

Super fun game. Sorry to have completed it but it gave me hours of entertainment. We need an oceanhorn 2....

Great game.

Definitely worth more than $9

This game is awsome ocean horn 2 please!!!!!!

Please make a sequel

This is one of the best apps of all time! Please make a sequel


This game is incredible. The graphics are beautiful!

Brings back memories...

Obviously inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, this piece of gorgeous nostalgia is a thrill to play. Hooked me at the first 15 seconds of the intro video! Solid controls, beautiful 3D top-down visuals and classic gameplay make this well worth the price. And two years in the making! I can tell the developers crafted this gem of a game with care. And the fact that this game continues to be updated to bring the best experience on newer devices shows their dedication to this game. Its pricey, but its worth every penny.

Best update, thanks a lot! But..

I like new update but what about top powerful iPad Pro 12.9? Will it have ultra graphics and etc? I hope so.

Great game

Dont know why it doesnt have more reviews. Its excellent. Worth every penny. More people need to know how awesome this game is.

Best developer team on iOS

You guys are amazing how you continue to update games way beyond there release. With that being said how are you guys making money from this? At least charge an additional 3$ for a graphics increase update. I would gladly pay not only because you have a fantastic game but because of your support year after year and stuff like that is rare in mobile. Thank you.

The best

I loved wind walker so this made this that much better it just a 5 star game all around and I want them to do a remake of (ocarina of time) which was the best Zelda

Best IOS strategy game

Great game. Make another one!

Genuine Review, FDG plz read :)

FDG has created a solid action adventure app that in many ways stands above its handheld console peers in the Zelda series. At its heart, Oceanhorn is very much inspired by the successful Nintendo Zelda series and to this gamer that is nothing to sniff at. The execution has made it the new standard for all 3D action adventure games available on Apple devices. Graphics: the game is BEAUTIFULLY crafted. The character animation is a little formulaic but doesnt keep characters from retaining their own personalities. The ocean & islands are beautiful & exciting sporting vibrant colors & include a night and day feature to set the mood depending on the island you are exploring. Level design does not feel overly linear, offering plenty of environmental variety to explore so that the adventure never becomes boring. At first I was afraid the constant exploration of caves would get old but it never did. The world you explore is expansive & intriguing. Because of the beautiful execution, however, I do believe there is room for improvement. While there are plenty of levels & subtle water features to enjoy, there could have been more rivers, ponds, & waterfalls on islands like the Great Forrest & Gilfolks Drop. The music is of course AMAZING. Unfortunately in spite of a masterful soundtrack the games characters are somewhat emotionally bland making it hard to really get engaged in the story. Gameplay: putting the smooth control style & gameplay mechanics of an iconic series like Zelda into a touch-screen app could not have been easy. That is why this game is such a jewel. Movement, combat, and item usage are all easy to execute & the way they are worked into the adventure adds a balanced level of challenge. The only imbalance is found in the action button. Players use the action button often, primarily for sword swinging. This becomes a problem when engaged with an enemy while simultaneously being surrounded by pots or stones; players will find themselves trying to swing their sword at a baddy but the avatar will end up helplessly picking up & putting down objects instead of fighting. What sets Oceanhorn apart from its Zelda peers in gameplay is the emphasis on discovery & exploration. Players dont just go from temple to temple checking off a list to accomplish some larger task. This element, tho undeniably present, is cleverly hidden in the time you spend finding & exploring islands & their secrets. The Game of the Year Edition which features the Island of Whispers is a masterpiece of challenging puzzle solving, exploration, combat, & mystery. Items are useful & easy to use. Finding items in temples & on mysterious islands is rewarding & fun. The hardest item to execute on an app (the bow & arrow) is one if the most useful & entertaining items you will have on your adventures (especially before you find the Coral Saber). Storyline: the world of Arcadia & its history will be a somewhat familiar one to Zelda gamers. The protagonists father initiates the story w a dramatic journal entry talking about a monstrous creature known as Oceahorn and how he must leave to destroy it. You end up being sent by a strange hermit on an epic quest to find Oceanhorn & ultimately reunite w your father. Most islands you visit are accompanied by a journal entry of you fathers introducing you to the island & its significance. This is a nice feature which adds to the sense of adventure. The greater story of Arcadia & Oceanhorn is slowly revealed as you explore, acquire, & discover. The pacing of this storytelling will keep u engaged as you play so the significance of why you are doing what youre doing isnt lost on you. There are some fun moments of revelation as you learn about Oceanhorn and why you and your fathers fate are tied to it. Replayability: gamers who have played & enjoy the Zelda series will want to play this game many times. I for one intend to keep this game on my phone indefinitely. I expected it to take up twice as much space on my phone as it does for a game without in-app purchases. And the fact that it has no in-app purchases is definitely a plus. In summation, Oceanhorn is one solid app that takes app gaming to a new level. The only reason I did not give this game a 5/5 is because I dont believe FDG should be finished with what they have created. Oceanhorn as a story stands alone as do most Zelda titles. But what FDG has created has the potential for several more future titles. There is plenty of room for improving on the formula they made as the Game of the Year Island of Whispers demonstrates. If FDG is not developing another Oceanhorn-like game by now, they should be.

The. . Game. . Is. . Badassss

Shut up and take my money!

Too expensive for nothing

Just 6 small islands and nothing to do on them. Just talk to people and find some hearts on bushes. Disappointed!

Top Game.

One of the best games for iPad. On an iPhone screen it is a little bit small and not really nice to play.


if you loved The Lengend of Zelda, this game IS for you!


Great game. Like the other reviews say, this is a lot like Zelda with upgraded graphics. My only complaint is that the creatures are all the same on every island and that is you cant buy new weapons/armor or upgrade the ones you have. Overall Im having more fun on this game than Ive had in a while.

Awesome graphics and music

The gameplay is a little repetitive and the action button is a little annoying( sometimes you want to fight and you by accidentally pick up a jar near by) but overall its great

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