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Update. Thanks!!

Thanks for this update for iPad Pro!

Great game!

Just buy it man its the best iPhone game out to date(close to xcom). This developer deserves all the money he/she can get. Also is always updated.

Great game!

If you are of a certain age you will remember kings quest and Sierra gaming. This is the closest game on ios I have found to those. The controls in this game are better (no falling off high places etc). However they can be very touchy, causing you to repeat over and over certain puzzles. Very frustrating. I also dont like how each time you have to defeat a boss, the cutscene is repeated. Its slow, boring, and once youve seen it you should just be able to jump straight to battle. Some of these bosses take multiple attempts, so it really bogs down. Update: the final battles with oceanhorn stink. The controls are buggy, and when using the shield it brings up other items. Cant finish game. Too bad the end is so boringly difficult. Would like to finish. I also wish that sailing places was quicker, as there is so much walking, sailing and repetition. Gave it four stars, if these items were fixed its easily a five and the best game out there!

Amazing Game

It would be nice to have new content after you beat the game.. But overall a Amazing gams

Seems to work on iPad 2

This is a great game, I had some glitch with the latest update (2.8) and while the App Store says I have version 2.8, if I go to settings, it shows the version as 2.7 - go figure.

Amazing Game

Best iPhone game, ever. Great storyline, gorgeous graphics, delightful soundtrack and intuitive controls. Worth every penny. Wish there would be DLC or a sequel.


This game is great! Its totally worth the price. This is definitely a console-quality game. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a console-quality 3D adventure game.

The BEST iOS Game ever!

This is the BEST 3D Game I have ever played aside from TLOZ and it is worth the price, Anyways this game really did show what the iOS devices hardware (mainly the CPU and GPU) is capable of. I really enjoyed this game, but the only thing that I need you guys to fix is the game controls. Its a bit hard to use it sometimes, I dont know how to explain it but, it feels a little bit rough to control. I dont know how it will be in a battle but I am sure that its hard to control. But overall, I enjoyed this game very much, its the type of game that I was searching for.

Best OWG

This is probably one of the most best detailed game then any others. With no In app purchase crap it defeats every other title.

Awesome for Zelda Fans

I love Legends of Zelda, this is as good as wind waker. But its 4 stars, because sometimes for casual gamers, not hardcore, the puzzles are confusing. The last thing is that you cant just ride in the boat, you have to set the destination. But other than those, Its AWESOME!

Relentless Game Here

I had some spare time and wants to play a Zelda like game. This one was the closest there was. The script is a little cheesy, the graphics are just okay, and the maps are a bit hard (prepare to YouTube a few things). Those minor few things are all the negative there is. Ive been playing for 6 hours and Im 35% complete (the game tracks this). For less than $10 and the amount of hours of problem solving, enemy killing, and adventure this game is far worth the price. It just seems to go on and on. Props to the creators! Update: 10 hours and 75% complete. Bravo Oceanhorn. Bravo.

Love the game but has glitch

I love this game so far except Ive kind of reached a stopping point because I cannot push any crate. Even on hermit island where the sign tells you to push the crate, it will not work. I will increase the rating of this game to five if this is fixed.

Do not buy

I bought this thinking it would be fun WRONG! All you do is wonder around islands endlessly and you cant jump on things that are like 2 feet high and its super confusing the developers need to add an option to show an arrow pointing where to go I want a refund!!!

Cute game, but...

I find the movement control completely frustrating even afters hours of play. Even my grandkids wanted to play something else after just a few minutes.

A great Zelda imitation

Dont get me wrong, theres nothing bad about a Zelda imitation. And this one does it very well. Great gameplay, a good story, and Wind Waker elements all add up to a great iPad game. The only problem with this game is the controls. See, Oceanhorn is a bit too much like Wind Waker, so I expect its controls and physics to be the same as Wind Waker. Thus, the actual controls and physics are somewhat jarring. Other than that, its a great game.

Best iOS Adventure Game!

Zelda meets Final Fantasy in this beautifully-designed and scored adventure game. Puzzles add interest to the addictive gameplay. Well done! Hope to see more post-ending content or a sequel sometime soon!


To begin, this is a LOT like the Legend of Zelda (more specifically, the Wind Waker). Numerous references appear, such as Pieces of Heart, Heart Containers, and our old friend the Spin Attack. The puzzles (so far) require a little thinking, but due to my lack of progress, I have yet to see the full extent of the prowess of CornFox & Bros. The controls are a little wonky to begin with (I highly recommend going into settings (tap on minimal and scroll right) and changing to the "Stick Right" configuration), and the action button tries to do two things at once. (And why on earth cant you break pots with a sword???) Overall, the game is excellent, but needs a tiny bit of getting used to. I have logged an hour and a half and am only 7% complete total. Kudos and thanks for reading!

Zelda lite. I recommend this game if youre waiting for the next Zelda. It is similar but on a much smaller, simpler scale. The graphics are very good (I definitely recommend playing it on the iPad), and the story is simple. The controls take a little while to get used to. I recommend using the joystick thingy. To me, Zelda is a 7+ out of 5, nothing compares to that great game. Like I said, Oceanhorn is fun to play while waiting for the next Zelda.

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