Oceanhorn ™ 앱 리뷰

Amazing Game

For Zelda lovers and puzzle game lovers in general, this game has wowed me time and time again. I am 7 hours in and having a blast. The music, the concepts and the graphics are not exactly new, but they are presented in a fresh format and very to use on iPhone. This is the first review i have ever left for anything. I usually don’t bother. This game is worth every penny.

Loads of fun.

Own it on the Apple TV.

Huge bug, can’t play, don’t buy

So frustrated. Bought it due to the great marketing apparently because the game itself is a huge fail. Played about 7% before the slow motion gameplay bug hit and rendered it unplayable. Nothing fixes it. The only way to fix it is to delete and redownload, losing all your progress. What little I did play wasn’t enjoyable due to really poor controls and other bugs like getting stuck between 2 objects. Asking for a refund.


I’m having trouble understanding why this game has such a high rating... It is a good game, music is good, the whole idea of it is good. Control is not so good, character always throw bombs never sets bomb down so bombs easily get wasted, game save function is terrible, it never saves exactly where you leave off/when you return to saved game i find myself completing tasks i already completed prior to previous game save/not cool at all, creativity with dialogue is terrible/“be careful in dungeon because there is puzzles in there”? Seriously? How about... lets be a little more creative?? This is only one example... the game is full of bland “uncreative” dialogue. This game needs help Response to developer response... There’s no reason to contact you. I’ve explained clearly and concisely the problems therein. I clearly understand it’s up to you(the developer) to do what you will with the app.

This Game is SPECIAL!!!

From the music to the graphics to the storyline and the puzzles this is one of the most beautiful games ever created!!! I have a SPECIAL LOVE for this game!!!! Took a while but I beat the full game, yet I find myself still playing the theme music on the piano often! I wish I could I UNplay it and play it again lol. It has to be the best mobile adventure game ever created!! If you love Zelda, you'll love this just as much. It will put you in mind of it but to me it still stands in a class of its own! It's special!!!! The game rocks!!! I loved every minute of it. I hope that oceanhorn 2 is as good as this one when it comes out!!! If it’s not broke don’t fix it! Stick with some of the same stuff! I’ll love it!!

Must have for any Zelda fan!

Finally! A mobile that pretty much plays exactly like a Zelda game! Including the graphics! It’ll take you a while to beat but it’s so worth the $8! Took me a while to beat but it was such an awesome adventure! Get this game if you love Zelda games! Can’t wait for the 2nd one!


This game could have been great. it takes too long to level up, no option to to change camera angles, some minor bugs. i’ve got 21 hours in this game and still only at level 14. it will be a long time before i play it again.

Excellent Game

This game is a great way to kill a bunch of time. I downloaded it for a flight I was taking and couldn’t stop playing for a few days after my flight until I beat it. It is very similar to Zelda so if you like Zelda you will love this game.

Good game....

What’s with the drop in frame rate I experience sometimes?

Excellent Zelda-like game with minor issues

This game is excellent! A true Zelda-like game! I really had fun playing it the first time and played through again right after I beat it the first time. The single camera angle can be frustrating. I would really appreciate the ability to move the camera angle, and to have the ability to look around. Aiming arrows and going on the precise direction I intended could also frustrating, but they didn't make that big of a difference. All in all, a really well designed game. I would LOVE to play a sequel if it was ever made.

Would give it 5 stars if it had a Joy stick.

This game is great and all I love the graphics and the missions are good but there’s one thing I don’t like, and that’s the fact that it does not have a joy stick for the character to move properly. If I press on one side of the screen the character goes on that direction instead of the direction I want it to go. If it had a joy stick included for the character to move I would give it 5 star but for now it stays at 3 stars.

Never written a review but this deserves it

This game is easily my new favorite. There’s something magical about this game on a tiny screen. Absolutely amazing.

Amazingly awesome!!!!

I enjoyed every moment of game play. I recommend this game for anyone. The challenge was perfect and I loved the storyline. Only issue I have is...where is the second installation?

I'm blown away

A review is a rarity for me, but Oceanhorn is a rare game. The music is stirring and beautiful, the plot is intriguing, and there are some characters who I genuinely care for after just a conversation. A Zelda-style adventure worth playing.

Stuck Character Option?

My character fell down into an area behind a tree on Tikarel and there is no way out. Can’t jump. Can you add a stick character option?

Great Game. Replica of Zelda.

I loves game like this it’s so adventure and makes you want to play more. I wish more games like this would be available. Maybe and new story line in it with it. It’s a replica of Zelda which is great!

8/10 love this game, two complaints

Complaint 1, sailing wasn’t how I had hoped it’d be, still love it, kind of a small let down Complaint 2, OceanHorns bombs need to be fixed cause they AUTOMATICALLY LAND ON ME WITH 0 TIME TO REACT

Looks great however

It won’t download...any suggestions?


Great controls, great graphics, easy to solve puzzles, worth every penny! If you are a Legend of Zelda fan, this is a must have.

If you are smart don’t buy it

I played this game thinking cool though could be better for it’s cost. Until I got to some puzzles which is confusing for any starter if they didn’t watch videos for help. The Cave island at the start of game is confusing since it is hard to know where you are or where you need to go. Which is also a problem you don’t get any help from a passive guide that helps u during confusing moments. The cost to get is higher then cheap console games that have better game content. I give 2 stars not because I kinda hate (Not worth it)but that it has a ship to sail in and that’s all (though more to the ship please). But those who think that it is worth 9 dollars are fake or they just have not seen the many bugs listed by other reviews.

Fun Zelda Like Game

This is a fun game with a retro Zelda like feel to it. The puzzles and dungeons are pretty unoriginal, but for a $8 mobile game I’m willing to put up with that. The game lets you explore a huge ocean with lots of islands (like Zelda: Windwaker), but you unfortunately don’t have any control over you boat. Gets a little tedious but worth the $8 for adventure game fans.

Unplayable due to poor auto camera angle

I guess decades of game design were lost on this one. The game becomes unplayable at later levels due to poor camera pathing. You simply cannot achieve basic functions due to poor execution of a fundamental element. Pass on this, the development is not appropriate for the 21st century nor should be offered on the App Store.

The best

Best phone game I have played


Game is decent for a iPhone game, but if it was on console or PC no one would give it the time of day. Tries too hard to be a Zelda Windwaker ripoff. There are quite a few bugs where your character can get stuck between a tree and a rock without you anticipating it. Boss battles aren't difficult because they are challenging as much as they are difficult to maneuver and manage, making them frustrating. The writing is mediocre at best, save the world from some evil demon and you're the chosen one blah blah. I enjoyed passing the time by beating the game once, but probably will never play again. Definitely worth the $8, and the graphics are pretty decent for a phone game. Controls are decent and concept is repeatable, just try to fix the monotony and this would be a 5-star game.

Want a refund

Difficult to control. Crashed within the first five linutes

Embrace the Notch

iPhone X notch blocks off part of the beautiful scenery. Embrace it.

I See Where You Were Going With This Game

I know this game was made with good intentions, but was honestly just a bad parody of LoZ: Phantom Hourglass. Story was meh. I don’t know why people keep saying the graphics are good. Gameplay is kind of bad. I honestly hoped for the best for this game. Not worth 8$. Maybe the computer version is at least worthwhile.

Lost all saved games

I Played the game for about six hours. Turned the game off, turned it back on and all of my savings slots were empty. After about six hours of gameplay I am required to start over from the very beginning. Stinks!

Fun but...bugs

Oceanhorn is fun with amazing graphics, if you can get past the “slow motion” bug that seems to happen quite often, also a little more guidance every now and then or to at least be able to make the map bigger would be most helpful.

Won’t even download...😡

Thought it was my phone, WiFi, cell service, it just would not download...

Fun game but broke my phone

This game was fun at first but after I put it down I tried to plug in my phone and it would not charge. So after a wile I deleted the app and my phone worked fine. This game is either a virus or my phone is a piece of garbage. But my phone works fine so I think it is the app... and if you don't like challenging games this might not be your game...


What a great game. Nintendo level game play and graphics. Why the hell aren’t they’re more games like this on iPad?!

Fun but finicky

It’s a fun game. It feels like a Legend of Zelda spin off. The controls are very screwy, to the point that my character will run off in the opposite direction. It’s really frustrating. Otherwise it’s a good game.

Excellent & Beautiful Game!

Oceanhorn is a gorgeous, fun and expansive game that is well worth the asking price. It might be one of the most beautiful games on the App Store. Gameplay is smooth and the controls work well except during the boss battles where the speed and accuracy needed to win exceed the ability of iPhone touch controls. That is extremely frustrating and time consuming, but I did eventually complete the game. The story line is okay, but could have been more interesting. It also has a good soundtrack. Oceanhorn is in a class by itself and I'm looking forward to Oceanhorn 2, hoping it will retain the beauty and charm of this game.

Some typos in script... Hope development continues

Great game, reminds me of Zelda

Amazing game like legend of Zelda wind waker

I've only had this game for two days and I love it the graphics are amazing the boat mechanic is amazing so is the gameplay so far the game is awesome for only eight dollars so stop reading and buy the game.🙂🎮🚥

Great game for people who liked Zelda

I loved this game. It was honestly like I was in elementary school again playing Legend of Zelda. Honestly, the similarity to the Zelda series is shocking, especially to Wind Waker. I loved Zelda, and Wind Waker was my favorite in the series, so I definitely loved Oceanhorn. The controls are surprisingly intuitive on the touchscreen. I played on my iPad Pro 9.7 and it felt like the perfect size. It was very easy to see small details, but not so large that it was uncomfortable. Honestly, I can't see a reason not to buy this if you're a Zelda fan. You won't be disappointed. The only problem I saw with the game was that it was so similar to Zelda in so many ways that I could definitely see Nintendo suing for copyright infringement.

So funny..

Please give me the sequel.🤢🤢🤢

Simply put, just Amazing...

I grew up with the Zelda series, my first game being Legend of Zelda Links Awakening DX. And this game just satisfies everything I want from a great Zelda like game. Original story, unique gameplay, like-able characters, etc. If you like and of the old top down Zelda games, you will love Oceanhorn.

The best game

The best game hands down. Like crack until I beat it

iCloud history disappeared

About 6 hours of progress is just gone. Do yourself a favor and save your money for a different RPG.

Loved it!

Great game play, imagery, and story. Can’t wait for sequel.

Controls are frustrating.

Title says it all.

Great gameplay, Solid storyline.

Great gameplay with a solid storyline. Well worth the money anyone who gives less than a 4 star review is either mad because the game may be challenging at times or they're expecting too much out of a game on a mobile device.

Holy Guacamole!!!

If u love Zelda this is the perfect game!

Guys: PLEASE release a sequel or another game like this one!

I've played through this game quite a few times now. The different levels are challenging, I sometimes needed to look up how to get past a certain part. (Tip for those saying controls are difficult with the boots: just tap to jump, don't slide your finger. Play around with the controls until you see what works best for each motion. Clean your screen for best results.) The graphics are great, the music is fantastic, I can't wait for another game like this one. The only thing missing from this game is being able to customize the character.

Mario 64 & Zelda had a really BORING baby.

It's like both of those games except 15% as fun as either of them.

If you love Zelda, you'll LOVE this.

I'm not one to leave reviews. Not for apps, anyway. But this game is not only worth my review, it's worth playing over and over and over and over again for years to come, and worth every single penny paid. Intricate maps, graphics like the old Nintendo 64/Wii games, many functions and controls are the same as well. The storyline is awesome, and gameplay is easy. There are plenty of challenges for you ahead – puzzles, traps, and the same kind of quests you find in Zelda. What a refreshing game to play against the oversaturated market of simple, short games with 2-D displays that are completed in a mere 2 hours at best. Finally, a game that you can play for 20+ hours on end, and then some, without reaching the end of the game! LOVE LOVE LOVE, and can't wait for the sequel!!!

You will lose your progress randomly!

Great game, but don't invest any time in it. Player's progress keeps getting lost. Search the internet and you'll see tons of people sad to have lost hours of progress and not willing to restart. This just happened to my son Aug 2017 and the reports go back to 2014. Save yourself the heartache.

Love this game

My nine year old daughter and I have been playing side by side, her on her iPad, and me on mine. Lovely graphics, puzzles that challenge, but don't cause despair. Just the game to get my Zelda fix until I can buy a switch. Can't wait for the sequel!

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