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Fun Zelda Like Game

This is a fun game with a retro Zelda like feel to it. The puzzles and dungeons are pretty unoriginal, but for a $8 mobile game I’m willing to put up with that. The game lets you explore a huge ocean with lots of islands (like Zelda: Windwaker), but you unfortunately don’t have any control over you boat. Gets a little tedious but worth the $8 for adventure game fans.

Unplayable due to poor auto camera angle

I guess decades of game design were lost on this one. The game becomes unplayable at later levels due to poor camera pathing. You simply cannot achieve basic functions due to poor execution of a fundamental element. Pass on this, the development is not appropriate for the 21st century nor should be offered on the App Store.

The best

Best phone game I have played


Game is decent for a iPhone game, but if it was on console or PC no one would give it the time of day. Tries too hard to be a Zelda Windwaker ripoff. There are quite a few bugs where your character can get stuck between a tree and a rock without you anticipating it. Boss battles aren't difficult because they are challenging as much as they are difficult to maneuver and manage, making them frustrating. The writing is mediocre at best, save the world from some evil demon and you're the chosen one blah blah. I enjoyed passing the time by beating the game once, but probably will never play again. Definitely worth the $8, and the graphics are pretty decent for a phone game. Controls are decent and concept is repeatable, just try to fix the monotony and this would be a 5-star game.

Want a refund

Difficult to control. Crashed within the first five linutes

Embrace the Notch

iPhone X notch blocks off part of the beautiful scenery. Embrace it.

This Game is SPECIAL!!!

From the music to the graphics to the storyline and the puzzles this is one of the most beautiful games ever created!!! I have a SPECIAL LOVE for this game!!!! Took a while but I beat the full game, yet I find myself still playing the theme music on the piano often! I wish I could I UNplay it and play it again lol. It has to be the best mobile adventure game ever created!! If you love Zelda, you'll love this just as much. It will put you in mind of it but to me it still stands in a class of its own! It's special!!!! The game rocks!!! I loved every minute of it. I hope that oceanhorn 2 is as good as this one when it comes out!!! If it’s not broke done fix it! Stick with some of the same stuff! I’ll love it!!

I See Where You Were Going With This Game

I know this game was made with good intentions, but was honestly just a bad parody of LoZ: Phantom Hourglass. Story was meh. I don’t know why people keep saying the graphics are good. Gameplay is kind of bad. I honestly hoped for the best for this game. Not worth 8$. Maybe the computer version is at least worthwhile.

Lost all saved games

I Played the game for about six hours. Turned the game off, turned it back on and all of my savings slots were empty. After about six hours of gameplay I am required to start over from the very beginning. Stinks!

Fun but...bugs

Oceanhorn is fun with amazing graphics, if you can get past the “slow motion” bug that seems to happen quite often, also a little more guidance every now and then or to at least be able to make the map bigger would be most helpful.

Won’t even download...😡

Thought it was my phone, WiFi, cell service, it just would not download...

Fun game but broke my phone

This game was fun at first but after I put it down I tried to plug in my phone and it would not charge. So after a wile I deleted the app and my phone worked fine. This game is either a virus or my phone is a piece of garbage. But my phone works fine so I think it is the app... and if you don't like challenging games this might not be your game...


What a great game. Nintendo level game play and graphics. Why the hell aren’t they’re more games like this on iPad?!

Fun but finicky

It’s a fun game. It feels like a Legend of Zelda spin off. The controls are very screwy, to the point that my character will run off in the opposite direction. It’s really frustrating. Otherwise it’s a good game.

Excellent & Beautiful Game!

Oceanhorn is a gorgeous, fun and expansive game that is well worth the asking price. It might be one of the most beautiful games on the App Store. Gameplay is smooth and the controls work well except during the boss battles where the speed and accuracy needed to win exceed the ability of iPhone touch controls. That is extremely frustrating and time consuming, but I did eventually complete the game. The story line is okay, but could have been more interesting. It also has a good soundtrack. Oceanhorn is in a class by itself and I'm looking forward to Oceanhorn 2, hoping it will retain the beauty and charm of this game.

Some typos in script... Hope development continues

Great game, reminds me of Zelda

Amazing game like legend of Zelda wind waker

I've only had this game for two days and I love it the graphics are amazing the boat mechanic is amazing so is the gameplay so far the game is awesome for only eight dollars so stop reading and buy the game.🙂🎮🚥

Great game for people who liked Zelda

I loved this game. It was honestly like I was in elementary school again playing Legend of Zelda. Honestly, the similarity to the Zelda series is shocking, especially to Wind Waker. I loved Zelda, and Wind Waker was my favorite in the series, so I definitely loved Oceanhorn. The controls are surprisingly intuitive on the touchscreen. I played on my iPad Pro 9.7 and it felt like the perfect size. It was very easy to see small details, but not so large that it was uncomfortable. Honestly, I can't see a reason not to buy this if you're a Zelda fan. You won't be disappointed. The only problem I saw with the game was that it was so similar to Zelda in so many ways that I could definitely see Nintendo suing for copyright infringement.

So funny..

Please give me the sequel.🤢🤢🤢

Simply put, just Amazing...

I grew up with the Zelda series, my first game being Legend of Zelda Links Awakening DX. And this game just satisfies everything I want from a great Zelda like game. Original story, unique gameplay, like-able characters, etc. If you like and of the old top down Zelda games, you will love Oceanhorn.

The best game

The best game hands down. Like crack until I beat it

iCloud history disappeared

About 6 hours of progress is just gone. Do yourself a favor and save your money for a different RPG.

Loved it!

Great game play, imagery, and story. Can’t wait for sequel.

Controls are frustrating.

Title says it all.

Great gameplay, Solid storyline.

Great gameplay with a solid storyline. Well worth the money anyone who gives less than a 4 star review is either mad because the game may be challenging at times or they're expecting too much out of a game on a mobile device.

Holy Guacamole!!!

If u love Zelda this is the perfect game!

Guys: PLEASE release a sequel or another game like this one!

I've played through this game quite a few times now. The different levels are challenging, I sometimes needed to look up how to get past a certain part. (Tip for those saying controls are difficult with the boots: just tap to jump, don't slide your finger. Play around with the controls until you see what works best for each motion. Clean your screen for best results.) The graphics are great, the music is fantastic, I can't wait for another game like this one. The only thing missing from this game is being able to customize the character.

Mario 64 & Zelda had a really BORING baby.

It's like both of those games except 15% as fun as either of them.

If you love Zelda, you'll LOVE this.

I'm not one to leave reviews. Not for apps, anyway. But this game is not only worth my review, it's worth playing over and over and over and over again for years to come, and worth every single penny paid. Intricate maps, graphics like the old Nintendo 64/Wii games, many functions and controls are the same as well. The storyline is awesome, and gameplay is easy. There are plenty of challenges for you ahead – puzzles, traps, and the same kind of quests you find in Zelda. What a refreshing game to play against the oversaturated market of simple, short games with 2-D displays that are completed in a mere 2 hours at best. Finally, a game that you can play for 20+ hours on end, and then some, without reaching the end of the game! LOVE LOVE LOVE, and can't wait for the sequel!!!

You will lose your progress randomly!

Great game, but don't invest any time in it. Player's progress keeps getting lost. Search the internet and you'll see tons of people sad to have lost hours of progress and not willing to restart. This just happened to my son Aug 2017 and the reports go back to 2014. Save yourself the heartache.

Love this game

My nine year old daughter and I have been playing side by side, her on her iPad, and me on mine. Lovely graphics, puzzles that challenge, but don't cause despair. Just the game to get my Zelda fix until I can buy a switch. Can't wait for the sequel!

Great game!

If your a fan of Zelda,this game is as close as you can get. The game play is smooth and the graphics are great. The map is a bit hard to make out and would be nice if you could expand it, but other than that totally worth the money.

Great game. Worth the money.

I'm not a gamer. Just looking for a good RPG game for Apple TV. Game play is smooth, intuitive and fun. The graphics are very nice too. It saves locally or on iCloud which is cool because you can then pick up where you left off on an iPhone or iPad. If you like Legend of Zelda games then this is for you. My kids love it. Plus no in app purchases etc. if you're impatient there are a ton of help guides online to speed up your progress in where to go and what to do. The only other option I would have liked to have seen was a multi player option so I can play with my kids. Buy this game so they will make more quality games like this for Apple TV. It is worth it for $7.

Sorry great game and graphics but

The core dungeon in sky island one of the rooms is pretty much impossible to complete within the 9 seconds you get. Tried for a few hours and gave up, looked it up, tried a bunch more times, still no go, the boots keep thinking i want to roll off the platform instead of jumping to the next one and its annoying me to the point of deleting. Please make it atleast 15 seconds to make it playable again. And update the boots to change which action they do at what time, this rolling when i want to jump is stupid.

Waiting on Oceanhorn 2

Waiting, waiting, waiting on Oceanhorn 2. Best game I have played in a long time.


I was so excited about this game... I was loving it! got to bomb island and was almost to the boss. I ran out of bombs trying to figure out how they work. Now I'm stuck with no way out because I can't blow up some crates that are in my way. Is there a fix for this?? Am I missing something? It would be a drag to start over and have the same outcome. Please help

Looks good

Ok got the switch version loving it. Make sure part 2 is on switch too. Instant buy on switch. i bought is to support premium games with NO in app purchases. Are you listening Gameloft ? Go find a rock to hide under.

Glitchy Save Files

This is a great game, except that I got about 3/4 of the way through, when my save file lost a bunch of progress I'd made. I could live with that and just replay what I lost, except that a glitch in the save file has a chest already opened, but I don't have the shield that was supposed to be in that chest. I can't continue on without the shield, and there's now no way for me to get it. So now instead of losing about an hour of play, as I thought, I've actually lost the total 10+ hours of play I've put in. 😡

Best rpg iPad game

This is by far the best role playing game I have played on my iPad. The graphics look beautiful and realistic on my iPad Pro, the controls are intuitive, and the best part, for me, was that the game was easy at the start but got harder later on so that I wouldn't be scared away from it. Oceanhorn takes cues from Wind Waker, but it isn't a legend of Zelda copy, it is a great, original game in its own right. I enjoyed the music and world design, and the puzzles were actually fun to solve. 11/10 you have to buy this game.

Waiting for a sequel!

I hardly EVER write reviews. I only write one for something I find deserves my time. I've played this game through twice on my iPad Pro and have had a blast both times. It's nice to have an adventure game that actually lasts for more than a couple of hours. I'm always looking for worthy adventure games and this definitely fits the bill. I've also enjoyed the Room series and both of the Rayman games too. Wish there were more like them. I get tired of the run of the mill games like cut the rope and candy crush types. Too much saturation with that genre!

Pretty Bad

Oceanhorn is a Legend of Zelda rip off and definitely is too fast paced.

Amazing Game

Best iPhone game, ever. Great storyline, gorgeous graphics, delightful soundtrack and intuitive controls. Worth every penny. Wish there would be DLC or a sequel. 😍 However, the iPad version was not given any thought. It's just zoomed in on iPad, you don't get to see more of the world (like on other versions of the app) and you get pixelated graphics... It's an amazing game on an iPhone but it was not optimized at all for bigger devices.

Okay game

I can't get it to show the save file from iCloud playing on my iPhone. When I load it up on my Apple TV, all save slots are blank. I have tried starting over on my Apple TV, since it won't load the iCloud saves, but I have done this three times now. Each time, there is no saved game, locally or from iCloud. I lose my progress every time. Seems like an interesting game, but I've barely made any progress because I have to start over every time.

Impossible to play without a physical controller

I uninstalled this. The last boss is impossible to beat without a physical controller.

Very Well Made, Not A Lot of Fun

This game bears very little resemblance to the classic green link to our collective pasts. It is an arcade style version of that basic concept that is incredibly linear and altogether only as fun as the visuals are interesting.

Ocean horn!?!?!?

This is one of the best games I've ever played I usually don't spend money on games but I saw this and was on the edge about it but it was the best I have ever spent on a game it was great puzzling parts and hard bosses it was great and I hope they make another one soon!!!!

Great Game!

Great game! Just can't re-fight any of the bosses except the last

Excellent game

This is one of the best games out for iPhone right now. the graphics are spectacular. I hope they keep these graphics for part two..

Great game highly recommended

Easy to play and hard to put down, a beautiful game with classic gameplay . Worth it at even double the price !! The developer is also one of the best, constantly updating the game and providing support unlike most other companies... Update : thanks for the latest update makes gaming even more fun !!

Worth every penny

This game is not a game you finish in one day. I absolutely adore this game. between the amazing music, detail, and alluring game play, it is vary hard to put down. It is a lot like Zelda, but just enough difference. This game is not boring in any sense and I highly recommend this game. Can't wait for #2

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